Our Management Team

Steve Ngige / Chief Executive Officer

Steve Ngine is one of the founding entreprenuers of New Generations Store, and has spearheaded the leadership of the company to its current formidable market niche. He has been trained in top business management locally.

He is one of the key business influencers in Kenya and is highly regarded and respected in the business community locally and regional. He exhibits an irrefutable experience in transport, commodites, hospitality, distribution and convenience stores management.

He is in his early forties and still has a lot of passion, energy and ambition to steer the company to greater heights.

Anthony Kaogo / Chief Operating Officer

Antony Kaogo is in his late thirties and also a founding member of the company. He has played a major role in the company’s administration by bringing on board a result oriented approach to business and team work.

Antony is a team player and has imbued within the staff a keen sense of the team spirit, encouraging them to have very clear goals. As a result, New Generations Store Ltd boasts of a dedicated team which ensures efficient and effective service delivery in sales, marketing , Human Resource and chain distribution.

Ketan Shah/ Sales & Marketing Director

Ketan Shah is an experienced marketing guru. He joined the company in 2014 after a proactive stint at Rising Star Commodities. Ketan is in his early fifties and has managed to bring in a whole new outlook in the marketing department, merging his long time experience with emerging trends to provide a strategic blend of marketing that has seen the company flourish and experience exponential growth.  

Hamisi Salim / Strategy & Finance Director

Hamisi Salim is his early forties and Joined the company in 2015 as a financial expert, prior to which he had been a corporate manager at Barclays Bank. He has a vast experience in financial analysis and banking, virtues that have made him a dependable key figure in the company’s management.

Having come from a very competitive financial sector, Hamisi has managed to harness his experience to steer the company to unrivalled financial stability and growth. As an addition to his accolades as a financial guru, he has also been a relationship manager in charge of the Coastal Region in Kenya.