We own a fleet of vehicles for easy logistics i.e. pick-ups, Lorries and trucks to facilitate the movement of the aforementioned goods flawlessly from the manufacturers to our clientele thus making transportation and sale of the goods easy, convenient and affordable.

We engage in regional transportation of general cargo (break bulk, bagged cargo and units) and containers (general purpose and reefer containers) with weights up to 30mt. 

New Generation Self Service Store Ltd has managed to compete effectively with other colossal players in the ever competitive transport/cargo market by remaining true to its mission and core values and facilitating constant engagement with the clients so as to establish the most customer friendly delivery system. 

The company is serving a number of high profile clients namely:

  • Urgent Cargo Handling
  • Bollore Africa Logistics

Our Fleettrucks

We have a fleet of 45 prime movers and trailers:

MAN [4 prime movers]

Mercedes Benz Actros [34 prime movers]

SCANIA [7 prime movers]

Tippers [2 tippers]

Trailer high sided [45 trailers]