New Generation Self Service Stores Ltd, Located in Victory House, 1st Floor, Mazingira Lane in Voi town was incoporated as a private limited liabilated company on the 23rd day of August 2005.

The company currently has two (2) directors namely Stephen Ngige Kaheni and George Anthony Kaogo, and a permanent sta of 230 supported by casual sta who join the company periodically, when the need arise.

By balancing casual and permanent employees, the rm is able to substantially manage its assets, clients, demand-supply dynamics and nancial obligations in a manner that is very characteristic of every ambitious, result driven enterprise.

Mission Statement

To develop a strategic philosophy aimed at maximizing local and regional market reach by influencing the demand-supply chain to actualize excellent service delivery.

Core values and Objective

The transport section’s objective is to satisfy the client’s needs and ensure efficiency to avoid any unwarranted costs which do not add value to our service. 

Transparency and accountability.

Optimum service delivery.

Offering result-oriented, customer friendly services

Vision Statement

To ensure that New Generation will be the preferred choice for customers and the ‘to-go-to’ place for players on both sides of the demand-supply chain by providing a reliable, trustworthy trading platform. newgen-office

Core Activities

The Memorandum and Articles of Association of the company stipulates that the core function of the company is in the distribution, wholesale and retail business. These two elements are the main components of any trade and the company manages to stay ahead of its competition by merging both.

This also elevates the company to a vantage point where analyzing the trade dynamics of these entities enables it to adequately project profits at any given financial year and work towards maximizing it.

The company also engages in other business activities namely transportation of bulk goods and containers, supply of dry/perishable foodstus, supermarket, butchery, electronics et al.

The knowledge acquired from market analytics enables the company to tap into the production market by carefully studying the production trends and waves so as to fully maximize and utilize the opportunities offered by and in the retail & wholesale chain.

With appropriate facts at hand about the products the company deals with, the team is able to determine the amount of resources needed to, for instance, play a signicant part in moving huge volumes of imported rice and other commodities in Kenya annually.

New Generation Self Service Store Ltd firmly believes that being aware of what takes place in the entire chain is the secret to providing excellent service delivery. The company always puts together adequate data before undertaking any venture and documents the progress for the sake of transparency.

This is most especially put into action when dealing with foodstuffs like rice and wheat so as to efficiently determine the cost of the end product, taking into consideration that these two products are highly consumed locally, regionally and internationally