Our Future Plans

New Generations Stores sees the following investment opportunities that it can help shape the companies future.


The company is currently carrying out extensive feasibility studies on the best entry point into the tourism industry. By virtue of having dealt with most of these tourist hotels, the company has an inkling of the amount of resources needed to undertake this endeavor and the opportunities available in the industry.

As with every decision the company has taken this far, entry into the Tourism industry will be informed, thorough and very transparent for the sake of the stakeholders concerned.

Areas the company is looking into are:

Offering transport services in form of shuttles to and from the airport/hotel.

Providing a wide range of off-road vehicles customized fro game drives.

Facilitate an affordable avenue which Is geared to promote local tourism.

Find innovative alternatives for tourism, for instance, agricultural, cultural festivals, creative arts et al which will

Showcase our country in other ways.

Setting up cottages and holiday homes for seasonal rental.

Tapping into available regional resources to promote tourism beyond the border.


This sector is mainly agro based at the moment and plays an important role in adding value to agricultural output by providing forward and backward linkages with agricultural sector.

However, there is a shift to export oriented manufacturing as the main thrust of Kenya’s industrial policy since the country aims to raise the share of products in the regional market from 7% to 15 % and develop niche products for existing and new markets. 

New Generation Stores sees itself in the manufacturing of food for personal use with focus on wheat and maize production whose demand is high with few local companies in this sector.

Building & Construction 

Kenya has a well-developed building and construction industry with quality engineering, building and architectural design services being readily available. This industry is currently on an upward trend following re-habilitation and reconstruction of roads and bridges under the Kenya Urban Transport Infrastructure Program. 

With increase in population, and growing demand for affordable housing, opportunities exist in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, including prefabricated low-cost housing. New Generation Stores can also manufacture and supply construction materials and components for the sector.

Shopping Malls

Kenya, as is, has developed a growing trend in appreciating the presence of premium shopping malls and these establishments, from a distribution context, have offered a channel for the commodities market to reach more people. New Generation intends to put up such malls which can be accessible to everyone.

Currently, the first one is Voi is under construction and the company intend to replicate the same in other major cities. This will be achieved by harnessing the market reach we have achieved so far and the common agreement with stakeholders to have commodities available for these lucrative establishments.

The company will also work with like-minded companies like coffee houses, outfit stores et al to form an investment network which will work together in the proposed malls.